Financial Health Check

Make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money! It’s an old adage but are your finances performing as well as they could? Our aim is not only to preserve your wealth,it’s also to increase it. Does the management of your assets currently meet your expectations in terms of return and risk? Are your returns acceptable in relation to the risk your investments contain? You may even be considering or in the process of considering selling your business? Whatever your situation, we invite you to a free, no obligation 30-minute wealth check with one of our qualified and highly experienced consultants.

To us, asset management is about getting to know each client as an individual, and it’s important for us to understand your entire financial picture. We will review your current investments, portfolio strategies and suggest possible investment opportunities. Then we will create a unique plan tailored to you based on your individual circumstances and make it work to benefityou. Providing a discretionary management service relieves you of the burden of making day-to-day decisions on your investment portfolio. To book your free, no obligation appointments please call our Austrian office +43 720 881 386, UK office: +44 203 137 9649 or email

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