Corporate Services

Companies today encounter demanding issues in the current and developing economy, from higher-levelsof competition and updating rules to fluctuations in the markets.

VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG is ready to provide your company with investment management solutions to assist you in handling these situations in the present sophisticated financial space.

You can count on us when putting into action your company goals. Our methods include everyaspect of your company’s financial assets. By giving us the responsibility for your funds, your management team can focus solely on corporate issues.

We wish to create a strong partnership with you and help you thrive as you engage in your capital growth activities. Our list of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Businesses Solutions
  • Global risk services
  • Info distribution
  • Investment Management
  • Dedicated managed accounts

Investment Management
Our investment solutions for corporate clients cover all asset classes. Our services are set up to perform better than market standards while reducing unpredictability.

We possess several years of experience in strategic asset allocation, creating a detailed investment architecture and innovative, target-oriented management package to ensure you, as our corporate client, receive the investment recommendations and execution of those solutions that will meet yourrequirements and achieve your ambitions.

When investing in the stock markets, we can deal with companies at different levels of their evolution. We will provide youwith strategy guidance and introduction information. Our Corporate Investment Team will offer an extensive approach to advisory and investment solutions to help your business achieve its financial goals.

We co-operate with our business clients working on their capital requirements by offering tailored solutions. Our teams of competent and experienced analysts, investors, traders, are not just based in the UK they come from different regions, providing an international influence.

Fund Management
We have the authority to handle the funds of private institutions, government authorities, and businesses. We know what it is like to deal with foreign or international capital.

Our groups of professional wealth management advisors operate across different markets in Asia, Europe and Americas. The very essence of our investment procedure is a serious consideration of a company’s fundamental data and the way in which it refers to the overall economy. We will test each business to make a disciplined portfolio selection with an unrivalled benefitto your company.

Our corporate managed accounts are monitored based on the mandate agreed with our corporate customers.

We offer current market updates, investment tips, and the management of trade executions to assist our customers in reaching desired results.

To find out more info about our corporate solutions, please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to assist.

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