Investment Management

There is connection between the economy and the financial markets. The stock prices, bond prices or currency pair quotations involve three key factors:

  • specific information on the economy flux,
  • the relative and actual worth of assets,
  • And the market participants’ understanding of these signals.

Accordingly, changes in economic policies may generate an economic progress/regress, inflation/deflation, and Forex rate changes, all of which are important parameters impacting the markets.

VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG experienced teams in analysis and trading strategies will assess the macro-economic changes to determine the global situation, and synchronised with our investment teams.

The first two teams (analysis and strategies) will generate a macro-economic image of the markets annually. This image will include predictions and conclusions, acting rather like an in-depth scan of the markets. It will include all the asset types: stocks, bonds, FX pairs, commodities, etc. If a good opportunity is presented and an approach is identified (by the strategy team), the investment team puts these decisions into action in a professional manner, reaching your investment portfolio.

When it comes to unpredictable situations, such as natural disasters or financial crises, which may have important influence of the economy, our teams will reach a collective decision and approach, which enables the investment teams to react promptly to these variations.

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