Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market is the space in which the world currencies are exchanged for various purposes and is the most liquid market in the world, with a global daily turnover which exceeds $5 trillion. As a comparison, the daily trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange is over $20 billion. The foreign exchange, or shortly called Forex, is an over-the-counter (OTC) or off-exchange market that is decentralised and has no governing body. The quotations in the Forex are mainly based on supply/demand. Every time currency is exchanged for a foreign one, automatically you deal with the Forex market.

However, the speculation and the investment potential provide the opportunity to make some profits based on the quotation movements.

VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG investment team has tremendous experience in dealing with currency fluctuations and usingthis experience they can predict the future prices with a higher than average accuracy. This is done through the help of technical and fundamental analysis of the markets, like with stock trading or any other form of trading. However, it should be noted that investing in Forex currency pairs can be riskier than most investments because the high volatile nature of currency prices. When making any investment plans you should carefully considerall these factors prior to making any decision.


The advantages of investing in Forex:

  • High return potential.
  • 24/5 availability of the markets.
  • Higher stability for long-term investments.
  • Instant execution of market orders.
  • Great diversification method.

VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG operate with major currencies as well as with the more exotic ones. Trading with us is a great opportunity for you to guarantee high returns from currency pair fluctuations.

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