Welcome to VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) - AG

We are an established asset management group and our mission is to bring added value to our clients through the delivery of high performance over a mid to long term basis.

Our origins

Our origins go back to VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG, we consider ourselves to be a boutique asset management firm, with offices across 3 locations; Austria, London and Dubai where we manage over $1 billion for our clients. Continued expansion has taken us beyond the UK meaning that retail and institutional investors have been attracted by our active approach to asset management. We work hard to retain our boutique culture; this is one reason why some of the best wealth management advisors in the industry choose to pursue their careers in finance with us.

Our objective

Our objective is to discover and provide the latest up-to-date methodology to reach the financial targets of our customers. This tailored approach that we adhere to is a direct result of our unmatched customer support and impartial evaluation of the financial markets. We work hard to become your closest partner by offering the highest standard of solution for your financial security.

Our substantial knowledge

Our substantial knowledge of the financial markets allows us to provide bespoke specialist investment portfolios to our clients worldwide.

Here at VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG our London office is a valuable component within the mechanics of reaching our main objective, which is to efficiently manage your financial resources with every due care and professionalism.


People and Culture

We believe the quality of our people and the culture that we foster are essential in maintaining and achieving our philosophy which stems from our fundamental belief that VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG can deliver meaningful outperformance over the medium to long term.

Our investment approach is based on the following principles:

  • Long term investment is a journey so embrace your wealth management advisor and the investment strategies that they will utilise to safe guard your interest.
  • Compounding returns will be a great financial benefit to the return on your investment.
  • It is essential to employ diversification as a hedging tool on your portfolio to maximise your returns.
  • Your wealth management advisor will allocate your assets to suitable investment vehicles that use risk management strategies to ensure the alleviation of risk on your portfolio.

We encourage and give our wealth management advisors the freedom to outperformagainst your existing portfolio by giving solutions that provide maximum returns with lower risks.

VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG as an asset management group has its roots in our investment culture. Wealth management advisors are organised into focused teams with specialist knowledge and experience which allows for efficient lines of communication. We believe this approach provides ourwealth management advisors with the necessary flexibility to make timely and informed investment decisions.


VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG wealth management advisors are active rather than passive managers. Passive management involves holding investments that attempt to replicate the performance of an index, like the FTSE All Share Index. Active managers, however, are able to focus on investments that the wealth management advisor believes will offer the best potential returns. More importantly, unlike passive strategies, active managers can also avoid holding investments where they believe future returns will be less attractive. For active management to have the potential to deliver high performance over the medium to long term, we believe that wealth management advisors must have a strong conviction in all their investment ideas.


Without trust and integrity there is no relationship and it is these qualities that we work exceptionally hard to establish and maintain between our dealers, wealth management advisors and our clients. All are central to any service and advice we may offer, and the decisions that we may make on their behalf.


While our wealth management advisors work closely together, sharing ideas and debating market prospects, each manager has individual responsibility for their own portfolios. Many of our wealth management advisors have substantial personal investments in their own funds, so their interests are aligned with their clients.


While our wealth management advisors work together closely, sharing ideas and debating market prospects, each manager has individual responsibility for their own portfolios. Many of our wealth management advisors have substantial personal investments in their own funds, so their interests are aligned with their clients’.

Why choose us

We understand there is no greater form of financial trust than placing your capital with a firm. We consider this responsibility with every step we make; at VPM Vermogensverwaltungs (Wealth Management) – AG we make every effort to ensure we become a great partner in growing and protecting the funds that you entrust with us.

We achieve this is a number of ways.

Investment Approach

Our objective is to support our customers and make sure their financial future is safe. With our clients’ best interest at the forefront of every action, we aim to steadily increase the investment portfolio that we manage in order to reach desired financial targets.

Each investment decision that we make considersthe preferred result. We are motivated to offer a trading journey that surpasses your predictions whilst remaining within the limits of your risk profile.

We believe that by relying on top quality assets, our strategywill ultimately generate healthy profits for you. We aim to develop a portfolio comprised of the strongest and most reliable investment options achievable, whether they are equities, fixed-income, commodities, alternative assets, or whether the trading is done through straight holdings or collectives.

When planning your asset allocation, we evaluate every asset class as of now, weighted against the quotations from previous years. Next, we superpose our findings of the future world economy. We consider every detail that may make a difference: growth, interest levels, inflation, political factors, social changes, and durability.

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